The term “methought” in 1 Nephi 8:4 and Alma 36:22 was borrowed from Shakespearean literature and should not appear in a translation from an ancient text.

Conversion Alma Younger Sons Helaman MormonShakespeare wrote in the English of his day, which is close to the English of the King James version (KJV) of the Bible. Though the word “methought” is not found in the Bible, it is a perfectly valid English expression given that Joseph Smith deliberately imitated KJV English in his translation of the Book of Mormon.

It is interesting that both passages in which the word “methought” appears deal with Lehi’s vision, suggesting that Alma may have borrowed the verbiage from the accunt of Lehi.

For another criticism regarding borrowing from Shakespeare, see 2 Nephi 1:14. A Quote from Shakespeare?

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