3 Nephi 15 21 Other Sheep

3 Nephi 15:17-24. Other Sheep

Jesus Bless Nephite Children MormonWeren’t the “other sheep” referred to in John 10:16 the great multitude described (in contrast to the 144,000 heavenly sheep) in Revelation 7:9-10? Neither the term “great multitude” nor the term “other sheep” seems to apply solely to people in the New World as the Book of Mormon suggests (3 Nephi 15:17-24).

The group described in Revelation 7 are never called “sheep” by John. The Scriptures do tell us however that the Lord would seek out the lost sheep of the house of Israel (Ezekiel 34:2, 11-12, 16). Jesus said that his other sheep must hear his own voice (John 10:16), so these would not be the Gentiles to whom the apostles went (3 Nephi 15:23). The Book of Mormon shows us that among those lost and scattered sheep, were the Lord’s people of ancient America and the Lost tribes of the House of Israel (3 Nephi 15:14-24; 16:1-3).