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Christus Jesus Christ MormonThe Church of the Old Testament (Salt Lake City: Deseret Book, 1967). Second edition issued 1980. Electronic version available on the LDS Collectors Library CD-ROM from Deseret Book. Chapters and Appendices:
1. The Gospel
2. The Church
3. The Priesthood
4. Organization and Government
5. The Dead Sea Scrolls

  1. Organization
  2. The Messiah
  3. Jewish Legends
  4. Eternity of the Priesthood
  5. Scriptural Chronology (omitted in 2nd ed.)


Defining the Word: Understanding the History and Language of the Bible (American Fork: Covenant, 2006). Chapters and Appendix:
1. History of the English Bible
2. King James Language
3. Understanding the KJV
4. KJV Words Whose Meaning Has Changed
5. Spelling Variations
6. Different Readings of Hebrew and Greek Words
7. Later Misunderstandings of Original Intent
Appendix (The Translators to the Reader)

Old Testament Articles

“Report from the Holy Land,” Newsletter & Proceedings of the SEHA (Society for Early Historic Archaeology) No. 134 (October 1973)

“Who is an Arab?” The Ensign, April 1974

“Jonah,” The Ensign, June 1974

“Science and Genesis,” in Wilford M. Hess & Raymond T. Matheny (eds.), Science and Religion: Towards a New Dialogue, Vol. 2 (Geneva, IL:  Paladin House, 1979)

Comments in Avraham Biran, ed., Temples and High Places in Biblical Times (Jerusalem: Hebrew Union College, 1981), 19.

“The Other Tribes: Which are They?” The Ensign, January 1982

“Five Empires of the Ancient Near East: A Historical Backdrop of 1 Kings to Matthew,” The Ensign, April 1982

I Have a Question: “Why were Israel and Judah carried away captive instead of simply conquered and placed under tribute? What exactly were the effects of their captivity?” (the reforms of Tiglath‑Pileser III), The Ensign, August 1982

“Egyptian Etymologies for Biblical Religious Paraphernalia,” in Sarah I. Groll (ed.), Egyptological Studies (Scripta Hierosolymitana, Vol. 28; Jerusalem:  Magnes Press of the Hebrew University, 1982). I presented an updated version (entitled “Egyptian Etymologies for Biblical Temple Paraphernalia) at the annual meeting of the Society of Biblical Literature (SBL), held in San Francisco, November 1997.

“The ‘Secret Society’ and the Fall of Jerusalem,” unpublished paper presented at the 32nd annual Symposium on the Archaeology of the Scriptures and Allied Fields, October 1983. A revised version was published as chapter 9 (“The Elders at Jerusalem in the days of Lehi”) in my book The Most Correct Book.

“Critics of the Documentary Hypothesis,” unpublished paper presented as part of a panel discussion I chaired on “The Documentary Hypothesis” as part of the 32nd annual Symposium on the Archaeology of the Scriptures and Allied Fields, October 1983.

“In Search of Historic Nimrod” (co‑authored with Bruce W. Warren), Newsletter and Proceedings of the SEHA No. 155 (November 1983)

“Where Was Abraham’s ‘Ur of the Chaldees’?” a monograph (Provo, UT: Society for Early Historic Archaeology, 1985). Originally presented as a paper at the 28th annual Symposium on the Archaeology of the Scriptures and Allied Fields, October 1980.

“Nebuchadnezzar or Nabonidus? Mistaken Identities in the Book of Daniel,” The Ensign, September 1986

“Elijah: Champion of Israel’s God,” The Ensign, July 1990. Presented as “Elijah and the Baal Cult” at the 26th annual Symposium on the Archaeology of the Scriptures and Allied Fields, 1987, based on a lecture often presented in Israel (1974-1979) and the U.S. (since 1980). In 2001, FARMS videotaped my presentation and issued it as “Elijah and the Baal Cult.”

“Recent Archaeological Discoveries Support Bible,” FARMS Update No. 112, Insights: An Ancient Window ____/____ (June 1997). Reprinted as “Archaeology and the Scriptures,” Provo Sun 26 March 1998

“More on Recent Archaeological Discoveries,” FARMS Update No. 113, Insights: An Ancient Window ___/___ (August 1997). Reprinted as “Recent Archaeological Discoveries Support the Bible” Provo Sun, 12 April 1998

“4Q22 Paleo Exodusm,” in M. Gerald Bradford, ed., Ancient Scrolls from the Dead Sea (Provo: FARMS 1997).

“Acrostics and Dating the Bible,” Insights: An Ancient Window ___/___ (February 1998)

Review of Brent L. Top, A Peculiar Treasure: Old Testament Messages for Our Day, in BYU Studies 37/2 (1997-98).

“Geographical Misconceptions Concerning the Bible Abound,” Provo Sun, 19 April 1998

“Motherhood in the Bible,” Provo Sun, 10 May 1998

“Remembering the Dead in Bible Times,” Provo Sun, 28 May 1998

“The Law of Moses in the Book of Ruth,” Provo Sun, 7 June 1998

“Insights on the Book of Psalms,” Provo Sun, 12 July 1998

“Background to the Captivity of Israel,” Provo Sun, 19 July 1998

“Parallels Between Elijah and Moses,” Provo Sun, 9 August 1998

“Beyond the Biblical Account of Ahab,” Provo Sun, 23 August 1998

“The Assyrian Invasion of Judah,” Provo Sun, 30 August 1998

“Understanding the Prophets of the Old Testament,” Provo Sun, 20 September 1998

“The Prophet Isaiah: A Witness to History,” Provo Sun, 27 September 1998. Subsequently posted on the Meridian Magazine web site, 2002

“King Hezekiah: Almost a Messiah,” Provo Sun, 4 October 1998. Subsequently posted on the Meridian Magazine web site.

“The Debate Over Biblical Archaeology,” Provo Sun, 11 October 1998

“Great Are the Words of Isaiah,” Provo Sun, October 18, 1998

“Jeremiah’s Nonbiblical Writings,” Orem Daily Journal, 22 November 1998

“The Prophets of the Exile,” Orem Daily Journal, 29 November 1998

“Lucifer, Son of the Morning” (Provo: FARMS, 1995), presented at the 1995 FARMS symposium on Isaiah in the Book of Mormon and issued as videotape and audiotape with transcript. A revised version appeared as chapter 19 in my book The Most Correct Book.

“Great Are the Words of Isaiah,” posted on Meridian Magazine web site, 2002

“Ancient Israelite Psalters,” in Victor L. Ludlow et al., Covenants, Prophecies, and Hymns of the Old Testament (Salt Lake City: Deseret, 2001). Presented at the 30th annual Sidney B. Sperry Symposium.

“Finders of the Lost Ark,” FARMS Review of Books 13/2 (2001). A briefer version was published in Provo Sun, 9 April 1998.

New Testament Articles

I Have a Question: “Is anything beyond scripture known about the Christmas traditions of the wise men and the star?” The Ensign, October 1981

“Archaeological Evidences for the Garden Tomb,” Newsletter & Proceedings of the SEHA No. 148, April 1982.  Originally presented as paper at the 30th annual Symposium on the Archaeology of the Scriptures and Allied Fields, 26 September 1981. Posted on the Ancient American Foundation web site. A slightly revised version was subsequently published as “The Garden Tomb,” The Ensign, April 1983.

I Have a Question: “Jesus once said, ‘It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God.’ (Matt. 19:24.)  Can you give me some background on this statement?” The Ensign, March 1985

“The Priestly Tithe in the First Century A.D,” BYU Studies 36/3 (1996-97).  Simultaneously published in John F. Hall and John W. Welch, Masada and the World of the New Testament (Provo, UT: BYU Studies).

“What Do We Know about the Wise Men?” Insights ___/___ (December 1998). Revised version published as “Three Wise Men Still a Mystery,” Orem Daily Journal, 1 January 1999. Subsequently posted as “Who Were the Wise Men?” on Meridian Magazine web site, 2002

“When Was the First Christmas?” Orem Daily Journal, 13 December 1998

“Background on the Gospels,” Insights ___/___ (January 1999).  Reprinted as “4 Gospels Vary in Their Accounts,” Orem Daily Journal, 31 January 1999

“When Will the New Millennium Begin?” Orem Daily Journal, 3 January 1999

“Some Leaders Defended Jesus,” Orem Daily Journal, 17 January 1999

“The Sermon on the Mount: Restoration of the Higher Law,” Insights 19/2 (February 1999).  Reprinted as “Restoration of the Higher Law,” Orem Daily Journal, 28 February 1999. A revised version was posted as “The Sermon on the Mount,” on the SHIELDS web site, 2003.

“The Lord Appointed Other Seventy Also,” Insights 19/4 (April 1999). Reprinted in Orem Daily Journal, 16 May 1999.

“John the Baptist and the Keys of Baptism,” Insights 19/6 (June 1999).

“The Higher and Lesser Laws,” in Donald W. Parry, Daniel C. Peterson, and Stephen D. Ricks, eds., Revelation, Reason, and Faith: Essays in Honor of Truman G. Madsen (Provo: FARMS, 2002)

“Salvation by Grace Alone?” posted on the FAIR web site, 2002

“The Bible Code,” FARMS Review of Books 14/1-2 (2002). A similar piece, entitled “The Bible Code and Biblical Inerrancy,” was posted on the FAIR web site, 2002.

“Who Wrote the Gospels?” posted on the Meridian Magazine web site, 2003