Barrackpur Copper Plate

Barrackpur Copper Plate

Barrackpur Copper Plate  This copper plate document, 38.6 x 33 cm, was found near Barrackpur in Eastern India. Inscribed in Sanskrit, it is a land grant with a genealogy of the Sena dynasty, dated in the 32nd year of the reign of Vijaya Sena (probably from AD
1159. The royal seal of that dynasty, a ten-armed figure of the god Shiva, is attached to the top of the plaque. It records the grant of a piece of land to a brahmin named Udayakaradeva Sharman in return for performing a special Vedic
sacrifice during a lunar eclipse for Vijaya Sena’s principal queen, Mahadevi Vilasa Devi.

Dr. G.A. Schumacher bought the document for its weight in copper ca. 1905 in a small village near the cantonment of Barrackpur, 24-Parganas District, West Bengal. It was later donated to the British Museum by Captain Raymond John.


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