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Christus Jesus Christ Mormon“A Visit with President Lee,” The New Era, April 1973

“Friends in Israel” (no byline; including photos), The Friend, April 1974 (one of the photos also appeared in the March 1974 issue)

“A Prophet in Israel” (no byline), The Friend, April 1974

“The Universality of the Gospel and Problems Involving its Application in Different Societies,” Crossing Bridges of Understanding in Intercultural Communication, papers of the 3rd annual Symposium­/Workshops on LDS Intercultural Communication/Language Concerns, 6-7 November 1975 (Provo, UT: Brigham Young University, Language Research Center, 1976)

“Strong Anti‑Nuclear Thread Runs in LDS Philosophy,” Deseret News, 11 May 1983

“Children of the Most High,” Tambuli, July 1984

“A Much-Needed Book That Needs Much,” FARMS Review of Books 9/1 (1997)

“Mother Earth & Father Sky in LDS Scriptures and Ancient Near Eastern Belief,” presented at the annual Sunstone symposium, August 1989. I plan to include an expanded revision in a forthcoming book.

“Ezekiel’s ‘Sticks’,” unpublished paper presented at the 39th annual Symposium on the Archaeology of the Scriptures and Allied Fields, sponsored by the Society for Early Historic Archaeology, 29 September 1990.

“The Priesthood of Jethro,” unpublished paper presented at the annual Sperry Symposium (Old Testament) sponsored by the BYU College of Religion, November 1993. To appear as a chapter in a forthcoming book.

“Latter-day Christianity,” Provo Sun, 1 November 1998

“Scholarship in Mormonism and Mormonism in Scholarship,” a paper presented at the 2001 FAIR conference and posted on the FAIR web site. French version, “Les experts dans le mormonisme et le mormonisme chez les experts,” posted on the Idumea web site.

“New Year’s Resolution for Home Teachers,” posted on the Meridian web site, January 2005.

“The King Follett Discourse in the Light of Ancient and Medieval Jewish and Christian Beliefs,” presented at the 2004 FAIR symposium and posted on the FAIR web site 31 May 2005. For a video of the presentation, made by Matt Roper in my absence, go to: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5.

“A Mormon Missionary’s Dream,” posted on the MormonWiki web site, 2006.

“Land of Miracles,” posted on the MormonWiki web site, 2006.

“Agency vs. Predestination,” posted on the FAIR web site, May 2006.

posted on the Meridian Magazine web site, April 2009.