John LDS History

LDS HISTORY (Mormon History)

Joseph Smith MormonOrganize My Kingdom: A History of Restored Priesthood (Bountiful, UT: Cornerstone, 2000, later issued by Horizon). Chapters and Appendices:
1. The Calling of Joseph Smith
2. The Restoration
3. The Kirtland Period
4. Government of the Early Church
5. Organizing the Church
6. Presiding Quorums
7. The Keys of the Priesthood
8. The Church in Zion
9. The Nauvoo Era
10. Joseph and Hyrum
11. The Apostolic Presidency
12. Brigham Young
13. The Utah Period
14. The Worldwide Church

“Historical Perspectives on the Kirtland Revelation Book,” in Stephen D. Ricks, Donald W. Parry, and Andrew H. Hedges, The Disciple as Witness: Essays on Latter-day Saint History and Doctrine in Honor of Richard Lloyd Anderson (Provo: FARMS, 2000). Also posted on the FARMS web site.
“Joseph Smith, The Lord’s Anointed,” posted on the Meridian Magazine web site, December 2005.

French version, “Au grand prophete,” posted on the Idumea web site.