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Abraham Isaac Sacrifice MormonTraditions About the Early Life of Abraham (co-authored with Brian M. Hauglid and John Gee) (Provo: FARMS, 2001). Divisions and Chapters:
Editors’ Introduction
Earliest Traditions about the Early Life of Abraham
Philo the Epic Poet
Anonymous Work
Sibylline Oracles
Genesis Apocryphon
Damascus Document
Genesis Commentary: 4QcommGen A
Jewish Traditions about the Early Life of Abraham
Philo of Alexandria
Pirqe de Rabbi Eliezer
Apocalypse of Abraham
4 Ezra
‘Abot de Rabbi Nathan
Targum Jonathan
Targum Neofiti I
Targum Rishon of Esther
Hellenistic Synagogal Prayers
Targum Onqelos
Tanna debe Eliyahu
Pesikta Rabbati
Sefer ha-Razim
Sefer Yetzirah
Midrash Rabbah
Babylonian Talmud
Book of Noah
Medieval Testament of Naphtali
Chronicles of Jerahmeel
Book of Jasher
The story of Abraham Our Father from What Happened to Him with Nimrod
The Story of Abraham
A Study (Midrash) of Abraham Our Father
Revelation of Moses
Christian Traditions about the Early Life of Abraham
Clementine Recognitions
Gregory of Nyssa
Book of the Cave of Treasures
John Chrysostom
Philaster of Brescia
Commentarium in Genesim
John Malalas
Book of the Rolls
Jacob of Edessa
The Venerable Bede
Exposito super septem visions libri Apocalypsis
Conflict of Adam and Eve with Satan
George Syncellus
De computo
Anonymous Christian Chronicle
Rabanus Maurus
Freculphus Lexoviensis
Glossa ordinaria
George Hamartolos
Angelomus Luxoviensis
Catena Severi
Syriac Commentary on Genesis
Sa‘id ibn Batriq (Eutychius)
Mahbub of Menbidj (Agapius)
Symeon Logothetes
Ibn al-Tayyib
Rupertus Tuitensis
Hugh of St. Victor
Herveus Burgidolensis
Ioannes Zonaras
Michael the Syrian
Michael Glycas
Petrus Comestor
Georgius Cedrenus
Book of the Bee
Bar Hebraeus
Nicophorus Gregoras
Kebra Nagast
Ethiopic Story of Joseph
Bakhayla Mika’el (Zosimas)
Armenian Paraphrase of Genesis
Armenian Question
Abel and Other Pieces
Muslim Traditions about the Early Life of Abraham
Ka’b al-Ahbar
Ibn Ishaq
Ishaq ibn Bishr
Ibn al-Jawzi
Ibn al-Athir
Abu al-Fida
Ibm Kathir
Other Muslim Traditions about the Prophet Abraham
Other Traditions about the Early Life of Abraham
Vettius Valens
Firmicus Maternus
Falasha Story
Story of Qiqel and the Death of Yahya
A. Excerpts from the Theban Cache and Other Egyptian Texts
B. The Sufi Philosophers and Kolob
C. MS Huntington 388

Book of Abraham Symposium, ed. by John A. Tvedtnes as Symposium Chairman (Salt Lake City: Institute of Religion, 1971). Papers:
“The Validity of Scientific Investigation of Gospel Topics” (Henry Eyring)
“A Brief History of the Lebolo Papyri an Mummies” (Jay M. Todd)
“A Brief History of the ‘Egyptian Alphabet & Grammar’ and Related Documents (James R. Clark)
“Emic and Etic Studies: The Proper Approach to the Book of Abraham” (Richley H. Crapo)
“The Discovery and Date of the Joseph Smith Papyri” (Aziz S. Atiya)
“Internal Evidence for an Abrahamic Oral Tradition” (John A. Tvedtnes)
“Abraham: His Sons and Daughters” (Rodney Turner)
“Astronomy in the Book of Abraham” (R. Grant Athay)
“Facsimile Two” summary only (Hugh W. Nibley)
“The Critics of the Book of Abraham” (John A. Tvedtnes)

“A Study of the Hor Sensen Papyrus” (co‑authored with Richley H. Crapo), Newsletter & Proceedings of the SEHA (Society for Early Historic Archaeology) No. 109, (25 October 1968). Originally presented as a joint paper to the 18th annual Symposium on the Archaeology of the Scriptures and Allied Fields. Reprinted in its entirety in Jay M. Todd, The Saga of the Book of Abraham (Salt Lake City: Deseret, 1969). Posted on the Mormonism Researched web page.

Rediscovery of Smith Papyri Affects Book of Abraham” (co-authored with Richley N. Crapo), LDSSA Commentary, 27 March 1969

“Papyri Give Further Book of Abraham Insight” (co-authored with Richley N. Crapo), LDSSA Commentary, May 1969

“The Hor Sensen Papyrus as a Mnemonic Device: A Further Study” (co‑authored with Richley N. Crapo), Newsletter & Proceedings of the SEHA No. 114 (2 June 1969)

“The Use of Mnemonic Devices in Oral Traditions, as Exemplified by the Book of Abraham and the Sensen Papyrus,” Newsletter & Proceedings of the SEHA No. 120 (April 1970). Originally presented as a paper to the 19th annual Symposium on the Archae­ology of the Scriptures and Allied Fields, 18 October 1969. Also posted on the Ancient America Foundation web site.

“Drought in the Time of Abraham,” FARMS Update 117, Insights: An Ancient Window 18/4 (April 1998). French version, “La secheresse a l’epoque d’Abraham,” posted on the Idumea web site.

“Abrahamic Lore in Support of the Book of Abraham,” FARMS videotape and audiotape with transcript (Paper TVE-99a). Presented as part of the FARMS Book of Abraham Lecture Series, 1999. The statistics given in this presentation became outdated as more ancient texts supporting the Book of Abraham came to our attention. The research reflects findings that ultimately led to the publication of the 2001 book Traditions about the Early Life of Abraham,” co-edited by John Tvedtnes, Brian Hauglid, and John Gee.

“Abraham and the Urim and Thummim,” FARMS Update 149, Insights: An Ancient Window 21/8 (August 2001). Summary posted on the web site of the Seer Stone Society. French version, “Abraham et l’urim et le thummim,” posted on the Idumea web site.

“Authentic Ancient Names in the Book of Abraham,” unpublished paper presented at the 2005 FAIR symposium. Video of the presentation available on the web at: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6.