Books on Book of Mormon

Books on the Book of Mormon

Book of Mormon SerbianThe Most Correct Book: Insights From a Book of Mormon Scholar (Salt Lake City: Cornerstone, 1999, later reissued by Horizon). Chapters and Appendix:
1. “I Make this Small Abridgment”
2. Mormon as an Abridger of Ancient Records
3. Reformed Egyptian
4. Hidden Records
5. Who are the “Gentiles”?
6. Contents of the 116 Lost Pages and the Large Plates
7. “That Which You Have Retained”
8. “The Prophets of the Exile”
9. The Elders at Jerusalem in the days of Lehi
10. Was Lehi a Caravaneer?
11. Jeremiah’s Prophecies of Jesus Christ
12. “He Shall Prepare a Way”
13. The Slaying of Laban
14. A New Testament Parallel to Lehi’s Tree of Life Vision
15. “By Small Means”
16. “That They Might Have Joy”
17. Opposition in All Things
18. Captivity of the Devil
19. Lucifer, Son of the Morning
20. Promiscuity and the Search for Wealth
21. “The Choirs Above”
22. The Thoughts and Intents of the Heart
23. “How Beautiful upon the Mountains”
24. The Nephite Purification Ceremony
25. Some Aspects of Nephite Kingship
26. Kings and Judges in the Bible and the Book of Mormon
27. The Captivity of the Fathers
28. Watch and Pray
29. The Evil Spirit
30. The Two Great Sins
31. Raised by a Handclasp
32. “That They May Be Kept Bright”
33. Oaths in the Book of Mormon
34. In the Strength of the Lord
35. “That Which Is to Come”
36. Angels Announce the Coming of Christ
37. Events Surrounding Christ’s Death and Resurrection
38. The Timing of Christ’s Appearance to the Nephites
39. Christ’s Visit to the Nephites as a Type of His Second Coming
40. Performances and Ordinances of the Law
41. Becoming as Little Children
42. Hungering and Thirsting after Righteousness
43. The Jaredite Ocean Voyage
44. The Role of the Book of Mormon in the Restoration of the Church
45. Unanswered Questions in the Book of Mormon
46. The Messiah, the Book of Mormon, and the Dead Sea Scrolls
47. Untranslated Words in the Book of Mormon
Appendix: Other Book of Mormon Articles by the Author
Bibliography: Ancient and Medieval Sources

The Book of Mormon and Other Hidden Books: Out of Darkness Unto Light (Provo: FARMS, 2000). Chapters and Appendices:
Introduction (by H. Curtis Wright)
1. Speech from the Dust
2. Hidden Records
3. Hiding Records in Boxes
4. Sealed Books
5. Angels as Guardians of Hidden Books
6. Hiding Sacred Relics
7. Mountain Repositories
8. A Book That Does Not Wear Out
9. Books in the Treasury
10. The Records Come Forth
11. Restoring Lost Scriptures
Appendix 1: The Book of Mormon and the Apocalypse of Paul (by Steven Booras)
Appendix 2: Glowing Stones in Ancient and Medieval Lore (Tvedtnes)
Annotated Bibliography

Testaments: Links Between the Hebrew Bible and the Book of Mormon (co-authored with David E. Bokovoy) (Salt Lake City: Heritage, 2003). Chapters:
1. Christ in the Testaments
2. The Learning of My Father
3. The Role of a Prophet
4. A Visionary Man
5. Let Us Be Strong
6. Rod as a Symbol of Power
7. Merismus
8. A New Beginning
9. Firstborn in the Wilderness
10. Seidel’s Law
11. The Symbolic Value of Clothing
12. A Poetic Function of Enallage
13. Gates of Righteousness
14. The Personification of Death and Hell
15. Leitwort: The Things of the Jews
16. Wrestling Before God
17. The Law of Moses
18. Editorial Techniques
19. Choirs Above
20. Benjamin: The Servant King
21. Man: The Servant of God
22. Heaven and Earth
23. Covenant: A Family Affair
24. Woman Wisdom in the Book of Mormon
25. Confession of Sins Before Execution
26. Blessing God After Eating One’s Fill
27. Altar as a Place of Deliverance
28. The Individual Lament
29. The Night of Darkness
30. A Remnant of Joseph
31. Cities and Lands in the Book of Mormon
32. Generation and Centuries
33. Love vs. Hate
34. The Prophetic Speech of Judgment
35. Hebrew in the Book of Mormon