The Family in Mormonism

Mormon FamilyMormons believe the family is the basic and essential unit on earth. There is no greater work one can do than that which is performed within the walls of the home. In Mormonism, the family can also be an eternal unit, when its members abide by covenants made in holy Mormon temples. In temples, couples are married for time and all eternity, meaning that they will live together forever, if they have been righteous in this life. Mormonism teaches that family relationships continue beyond death and into the eternities if we live righteously.

Members of the Mormon religion believe we all lived in heaven with our Heavenly Parents before coming to earth. In order to receive more knowledge and to progress, it was necessary for each of us to receive bodies, leave the presence of our Heavenly Father and Mother, and come to earth.

Jesus Christ and others, under the direction of Heavenly Father, created the earth to be our mortal home. On this physical world we are commanded to multiply and replenish. Mormons believe the Lord has given important rules over the powers of procreation. These powers, which Mormons believe to be sacred, are to be employed only between man and woman, within the bonds of marriage. Mormonism affirms the supreme importance and beauty of creating families and the sharing love between husband and wife.

What Mormons believe is that Satan is attacking the family today and wants us to adopt a casual attitude about procreation and family relationships. In truth, the Lord has revealed that families are of utmost importance and we should do all we can to prepare for our future families or treasure those we already have. The Lord will bless those who strive for family unity and love. Mormons devote their best efforts to creating homes where their children can properly grow and develop, preparing for the challenges of life and learning to rely on the promises of the Lord to all the faithful.